A Recipe for Salutary Oil for Women: Removes Pain and Helps with Cystic, Painful and Swollen Breasts

Dandelion is one of the most curative plants in our areas. All of its parts can be used for healing.Its young leaves can be an excellent detoxification salad and a rich source of vitamin A. Dandelion stems improve the dilution of gall bladder, regulate the metabolism and cleanse the blood and the stomach. Folk medicine recommends them against diabetes.

Dandelion root has the most significant healing property. It detoxifies liver and in that way supports the health of the whole organism. By drinking tea of that root you can cure hepatitis B for 6 weeks!

Today, we are paying attention to its flowers, which:

  • Contain antioxidants
  • Cure pains
  • Cure stomach cramps
  • Decrease depression
  • Contain helenin which improves night vision
  • Contain vitamins A and B12

In our areas, dandelion flowers are often used to prepare a kind of praised syrup against cough. But, for example in Korean folk medicine, the flowers are used against abscesses, infections, tuberculosis, edema and a better circulation.

The best oil for cystic and swollen, painful breasts

Dandelion flower oil is very popular in America and it’s praised against pains by arthritis and gout, swollen breasts, stress and joint pains. Although we don’t practice making it very much, dandelion oil is always good to have in hand, because it has a strong relaxing and analgesic effect.

Dandelion is generally favourable for female diseases and especially to prevent and cure breast diseases, cysts, carcinomas, swellings and breastfeeding problems.

Dandelion oil innocuously relieves pain. It’s good for arthritic joints, pains in the back, sinus headaches, stiff neck and skin imperfections.

The flowers have a special effect on breasts. Regular usage of dandelion oil deeply releases the breast tissue and helps release suppressed feelings. When it’s regularly applied on the breasts, dandelion oil gives a better sense of well-being and strengthens the immunity, as well as helps in cancer prevention.

The pain in the breasts or the sensitivity before a menstrual cycle, cysts, benign connective nodules (fibromas), mastopathy (fibrocystic mastopathy) are very spread diseases that a greater and greater number of women in the world have. As one of the main culprits for the appearance of those benign diseases is the more and more present stress that we’re exposed to every day.

Breast pain is often caused by cysts – liquid filled bags which with the menstrual cycle change their shape and size. When touched, they are mostly soft, smooth and can move, but if they are pretty filled with water, they can be also firm when touched.

When dandelion flower oil is combined with dandelion root oil, it can also help with smaller infections, relieve the swollen milk glands and decrease breast cysts.

Dandelion flowers contain lecithin whose topical application helps with diseases like psoriasis.

Dandelion flower oil can be used to massage the whole body and decrease the tension in the whole body.

It’s also favourable to treat cats, because it’s mild and doesn’t contain salicylates that can harm them.


A recipe for dandelion oil (macerate):

You will need:

  • Dandelion flowers
  • Quality cold pressed oil (almond, apricot, macadamia, olive, sesame or grape seed oil)

Fill half to two thirds of a small jar with dandelion flowers. Pour the oil over the flowers up to the top so that it covers them completely. Stir the mixture until bubbles of air come out. Put a gauze on the top of the jar and attach it with a rubber or lace. Leave the jar on a sunny and warm place for two weeks or until the flowers become brownish. After that, filtrate the oil in a sterilized dark bottle. Keep it in a cold and dark place.

A fast recipe for dandelion flowers oil:

If it’s too long for you to wait 2 weeks, you can also prepare the oil in another way.

Fill two thirds of a jar with dandelion flowers and pour it up to the top with selected oils.

Put the flowers and the oil in a boil with a double bottom and heat it slowly on low fire for about 30-60 minutes. The oil mustn’t be too hot because you don’t want to cook the flowers. Heat the oil on low fire as long as possible. That will enable you to have a strong remedy.

Put the mixture back in the jar and leave it out on the sun for one day, Then filtrate it. Although this recipe is faster, it’s recommended to do it on the slower way.

How to use dandelion oil?

When it’s prepared, massage it onto the painful spot, several times a day.

Source: http://www.beextrahealthynow.com/

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