5 Natural Ways to Soothe a Toothache


Ouch! Whether you’ve been grinding your teeth all night, you have the beginnings of a cavity, or your teeth are just a little sensitive, a toothache can ruin your day. Not every toothache warrants a trip to the dentist. Or even cavities. For a little bit of relief, try these natural home remedies for toothaches.


The mouth is an extremely complex part of the human body, so almost anything can cause it pain and discomfort. While some issues might require a trip to a dental specialist, others pass with time. These are some of the most common toothache causes to watch out for:

Abscess: If your mouth gets infected, your tooth can rot away and develop a small pool of pus in the center. This is extremely painful.

Exposed root: As cavities wear down your teeth, the roots of your teeth may become exposed. This means that anything that touches your tooth can cause pain.

Cavity: You may have had cavities before. Even in the early stages of development, cavities can cause toothaches.

Teeth grinding: Some medications cause teeth grinding, and some people just do it out of habit. This may wear down on your teeth and cause toothaches.

Loose filling: Fillings may come loose as they get older. As they rub against your tooth, pain can occur.

Jaw issues: If you lock your jaw or if your jaw is prone to popping out of place, this may manifest as tooth pain.


There are many natural remedies for toothaches out there, so you can avoid rubbing your gums with toxic chemicals and preservatives. Next time you wake up with a curious ache in your tooth, try one of these remedies and see if they end your pain:

Garlic: Garlic is known all over the world for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. If your tooth pain is caused by infection or a cavity, chewing on a clove of garlic may ease your pain. Chew on the clove enough to release the garlic juice.

Vanilla extract: Pure vanilla extract has alcohol in it, so it can cleanse and numb a tooth causing you pain. You may want to mix a small amount of vanilla extract with water and swish it over the affected tooth. Don’t drink it, as pure vanilla extract is very strong.

Onion: Onions can cleanse infection and bacteria of all types. You can juice an onion and swish the juice in your mouth or chew on a slice of raw onion if you can handle the taste.

Cloves: Though cloves taste very strong, they are natural analgesics. Chewing on a whole clove can provide immediate topical pain relief to your tooth.

Ice: Ice may numb your mouth and provide relief from a pounding toothache. Don’t chew the ice, as this may make your toothache worse. Instead, just suck on an ice cube.

Next time you have a toothache, you don’t have to call it in and stay in bed all day. Make use of these natural toothache remedies! Be sure to avoid these terrible foods as well!

Source: http://www.fhfn.org/

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