Guavas are tropical fruits, high in vitamins A and C, potassium, healthy fiber and lycopene, so they give us a lot of health benefits.Most people usually use only the fruit, not knowing that it is not the only part of the plant that is good for our body. What’s more guava leaves are incredible for the well-being of our skin, hair and health. Below read about the 17 impressive health benefits given by guava leaves:

Guava leaf tea will help you keep fit, because it stops carbohydrates from converting into sugar and thereby it represses appetite.

  1. Guava leaf tea lowers blood sugar amount and does not stimulate insulin secretion, thus diabetics should drink it regularly.
  2. Guava leaf tea reduces bad LDL cholesterol, as well, without having an effect on good HDL cholesterol amount.
  3. This tea possesses some powerful antimicrobial characteristics, which makes it successful in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery.
  4. What’s more guava leaf tea is excellent for upset stomach and gives a great aid in cases of food poisoning.
  5. Guava leaf tea also treats bronchitis and coughs.
  6. In cases of inflamed gums and aches in the oral cavity, also toothache, you should chew guava leaves.
  7. In the treatment of dengue, you should boil 2 and a half glasses of water with guava leaves (around 9 leaves) till the amount of water in the pot lowers by half.
  8. Furthermore, guava leaf tea has shown to have an impact on the treatment of enlarged prostate and cancer.
  9. For those men who deal with fertility disorders, this tea is strongly recommended.
  10. Put crushed guava leaves on small cuts like abrasion or scrapes so as to prevent infections. Use guava leaf tea to relieve an outer ear infection. Onto the affected area drop some guava tea cooled at room temperature.
  11. Also crushed guava leaves, should be applied onto affected areas to relieve itching caused by allergies.
  12. What’s more crushed guava leaves should be applied to insect bites.
  13. Guava leaves can help you in the fight against acne and pimples, because they are high in vitamin C.
  14. To remove blackheads naturally, crush a few guava leaves and stir in a little amount of water and use this instead of your regular face scrub.
  15. Use the same combination when it comes to the prevention too early skin aging, and you will experience a miracle.
  16. Guava leaves are also good if you suffer from air loss. You should boil some guava leaves, leave to cool at room temperature and then softly massage your scalp.

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