Natural Ways to Significantly Lower Your High Cholesterol

cholesterol fighting foods

Cholesterol itself is not a bad thing for the body. We all have it and it’s simply a natural protein. Even though LDL cholesterol is labeled as harmful by conventional medicine, your total cholesterol number is the only significant determinant of a potential problem since it takes into account HDL, LDL and triglyceride levels. If total cholesterol is elevated it could become a problem for your health and trigger several cardiovascular events. However, medication should always be a last resort and will always have consequences, especially if the target is only directed at lowering LDL. Treating elevated cholesterol naturally is now being advised by even mainstream physicians.

When to Treat Cholesterol

Many people are unsure whether they should pay more attention to their LDL cholesterol levels, but what your doctor should always be assessing for your health is total cholesterol, especially if you:

– are suffering from diabetes

– smoke excessively

– have elevated blood pressure

– have low levels of HDL cholesterol

– suffer from hereditary heart conditions

– are a man older than 45

– are a woman older than 55

– have faced heart risk larger than 20% in the last 10 years

Herbs and Vitamins That Regulate High Cholesterol

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – Plenty of studies claim that niacin is essential in dealing with elevated cholesterol levels and can reduce it by 10% to 20%. This compound also diminishes the frequency of arteriosclerosis. Furthermore, HDL cholesterol can be elevated by 15-35% and triglycerides reduced by 20-50% when on a Vitamin B3 regimen.

Artichoke Leaf – Studies have demonstrated that artichoke leaf extract is incredible with lowering LDL cholesterol levels. This plant contains a substance known as cynarin, effective for many purposes. This compound stimulates bile production in the liver and accelerates bile flow from the gallbladder. Both processes are responsible for elevating cholesterol levels, so treat them immediately by consuming this health promoting plant.

Soluble Fibre – Soluble fibre absorbs fats and helps the body shed weight, so it is only natural that optimal total cholesterol levels can be achieved.

In order to obtain sufficient amounts of soluble fiber, consume the following products:

– Oats (steel cut unprocessed)

– Barley

– Rye

– Legumes like peas and beans.

– Apples, prunes, and berries.

– Carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, yams.

Plant Sterols and Stanols

Both plant sterols and stanols are natural compounds contained in certain plants that have been found to be effective in eliminating high cholesterol.

You can find stanols substances in margarine, orange juice, and dressings. Sterols and Stanols have a similar structure as cholesterol and can block cholesterol absorption in the intestines and mainly perform as enhancers in obtaining optimal cholesterol levels.

Other Cholesterol Lowering Substances:

– Policosanol

– Red Yeast Rice

– Coenzyme Q10

– Garlic

– Pantothine


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