End of hemorrhoids! – Make this ointment to remove them forever! – Bronchitis, ulcers and …..


This super cream is prepared easily and cheaply, and can save you from hemorrhoids, bronchitis, ulcers and whatnot. The cream is obtained from only one egg (boiled, only the yolk ), 400 ml ( 13 US oz.) vegetable oil (olive oil) and 600 g ( 21.43 ounces) beeswax.

In a bowl on hot plate put oil and in it over low heat melt piece of wax .

When it boils, add the yolk mash. When starts making foam, remove the container from the stove.

After 5 – 10 min. , return back the container on hotplate and stir constantly until the mixture got a dark brown color. After cooling, drain through gauze.

Thus obtained cream should be stored in a glass container, which well is closed. In the refrigerator may be stored up to 10 months.

Inflammation of the sinuses – melt part of the cream and place one drop into the nose. The mixture will effectively break the inflammation of the sinuses and will absorb the pus.

Bronchitis or ulcer – consume half a teaspoon of ointment three times daily before meals.

For burns, toothache or wounds – apply on the sick place. With the ointment will strengthen and nails, and remove the annoying hemorrhoids.


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