A Revolutionary Horseradish Recipe For Liver Detox and Fast Weight Loss

Horseradish has been used to treat various diseases for centuries. Because of its medicinal properties and unique taste, horseradish is one of the most important plants used in phytotherapy. Horseradish is a powerful plant that offers many health benefits, including its ability to aid weight loss, lower blood pressure, alleviate respiratory conditions, build strong bones, strengthen immune system health, stimulate healthy digestion. It contains compounds that increase the liver’s ability to detoxify carcinogens. It improves the function of the digestive system by stimulating the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices, the bile and enzymes from the pancreas. The roots of horseradish are also known to contain high amounts of glucosinolates that can help lower your risk of cancer. Due to its antibiotic properties, horseradish can also be used to treat urinary tract infections and destroy bacteria in the throat that can cause bronchitis, coughs and related problems. High in sulfur content which is why it is considered a liver loving food.


This recipe can help eliminate excess fat and water from the body.

A Revolutionary Horseradish Recipe For Liver Detox and Fast Weight Loss

– 1 horseradish root

–  1 organic lemon

–  2/3 cup raw honey


Peel and dice the horseradish root. Put it in the food processor and blend.

Chop one lemon into cubes (remove the seeds). Add to the horseradish mixture and process everything together.

Add the honey and mix.

Use:   One teaspoon twice a day with meals. With a proper diet and exercise, you could see the results after 3 weeks.

Source: http://livingtraditionally.com/

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