Perfect Mix: Coffee, Salt And Coconut Oil to Improve Your Circulation

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Using this magic mixture which includes: coffee, salt and coconut oil, not only you will improve circulation it also helping you to exfoliate the skin and improve its tone.

This treatment must be supported with healthy diet and exercise, so you can get wanted effects. One of the most important systems in the body is the blood circulation which transports and supplies the needed nutrients to the body so it can function properly. Blood circulation can be distinguished as “flow of life” just to realize how important it is for the body. Problems with weak blood circulation are getting more attention these days, developing different health conditions. That why you must change your every day habits so you can improve the blood circulation.

Weak blood circulation has a lot to do with what kind of diet you are having. The enormous consumption of fast foods leading to increased bad LDL cholesterol this is causing damage to the circulatory pathways narrowing the blood flow. Today’s lifestyle habits has a great influence on the people getting more and more of them having circulatory problems, next stage is coronary and artery  problems. Also another factor is decreasing the physical activity which lowers the flexibility of the circulatory system and this is leading to problems with the circulation.

Coffee, Salt and Coconut Oil  are used in a single treatment to improve blood circulation and help treat visual problems such as varicose veins and cellulite. The treatment includes application of a natural exfoliant massaging areas such as buttocks and legs, these areas are most affected by weak blood circulation. Most important thing you should know that the function of this treatment is to “maintain” and not the cure. These ingredients are affecting a localized area, helping remove dead skin cells; gives improved elasticity and hydration. Besides the fact that this mixture is used as an addition to improve blood circulation, beauty parlors are using for improving appearance of the skin.

Combining these ingredients?

Most of these ingredients can be found in every household and are inexpensive.

Needed ingredients:

½ cup of ground coffee (57.5 g)

6 tbsp coconut oil (150 g)

3 tbsp salt (45 g)


Use a clean bowl, mix all ingredients in a rough paste and set aside, prior the hour of the shower.


  • Prior showering, use a brush to rub areas where circulation is weak. Don’t put a lot of pressure of the affected areas that could hurt the skin.
  • During the shower, apply a layer of the mixture rubbing it around areas, to get good results apply circular massage with light pressure.
  • After massage of those areas, it’s allowed to act the remedy for 10 minutes after 10 minutes rinsed with warm water.


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