Children exposed to pesticides sprayed in a GM soy-producing region of Argentina have genetic damage


2015 STUDY: Argentinian children living near Roundup Ready GMO soy fields were

found to have DNA damage. Genetic damage in the group of exposed children living near the fields was 44% higher than in the unexposed children in the city.The most commonly used pesticides in the region are glyphosate, cypermethrin, and chlorpyrifos.

A significant difference was found between exposed children living less than 500m from areas subjected to spraying and those who were not exposed. Forty percent of exposed children suffered some type of persistent condition, which may be associated with chronic exposure to pesticides.

Of the exposed children, 20 (40%) had varying persistent symptoms, such as repetitive sneezing, respiratory distress, cough, bronchospasm, skin itching or stains, nose itching or bleeding, lacrimation, and eye and ear burning or itching. None of the children who had not been exposed described any persistent symptoms.

Hawaii, is ground zero for GMO and pesticide experimentation in the U.S. Corporate agribusiness has been fighting citizen’s demands for safety buffer zones between fields and schools and hospitals. Children living or going to school near GMO fields have persistent symptoms of pesticide exposure. This leads us to ask… when will the children of Hawaii be tested for DNA damage from pesticide exposure??

This post is dedicated to all children who have suffered harm from pesticide exposure in Hawaii, Argentina and around the world, due to reckless endangerment and callous disregard for their health and safety in the interest of the profits of the agrichemical industry.


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