How Cashew Nut Can Eliminate Tooth Decay, Acne, Tuberculosis and Pneumonia

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Tooth decay, acne, tuberculosis, pneumonia and leprosy are all caused by Gram positive bacteria. It appears that there is a naturally occurring substance that can fight them effectively. It comes in the form of a delicious and healthy cashew nut. Some report amazing results when using cashews, and scientists, too, are looking into its healing components.

Cashew nut is actually a seed of a cashew apple (or cashew fruit). Cashew trees grow primarily in Brazil and India, but can also be found in parts of Africa and throughout Southeast Asia. When you buy cashews, the shell has already been removed and they are made fit for consumption, so many people don’t realize what the original fruit actually looks like.

Cashews have been used as a folk medicine for centuries. It has been reported that indigenous people used cashew leaves and bark to treat toothaches.

How does Cashew Nut Work?

The nut, the juice of the surrounding fruit and the shell oil all contain anarcadic acids, which destroy Gram positive bacteria. These acids are phenolic lipids and are known to be lethal to certain bacteria, including those that have developed resistance to antibiotics (MRSA infections). As side not you should also be aware that black seeds can also kill MRSA.

 The shell liquid is not edible and has been used in chemical industry. It is the nut and the juice that hold a lot of promise for those suffering with teeth problems and other infections caused by Gram positive bacteria.

Research on Cashew Nuts & Gram Positive Bacteria

A lot of the studies originate in Japan, starting in the early 1990s. Two Japanese scientists, Masaki Himejima and Isao Kubo, confirmed that bacteria-fighting components found in cashews and juice destroy tooth decay and other infections, and could be used commercially. A report published in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, suggested that the cashew compounds could be safely included in toothpastes and mouth washes.

When killing bacteria in the mouth, these compounds also appear to interfere with production of the microbes’ enamel-eroding acids. “It has anti-plaque activity, too,” says Kubo.

According to some authors, when studied in vitro, a solution of one part anacardic acid to 200,000 parts water to as low as one part in 2,000,000 proved lethal to Gram positive bacteria in just 15 minutes. When used with tuberculosis, 30 minutes was needed. This shows that the chemical found in cashews is a very effective bactericide, even when diluted.

How To Use Cashew Nuts to Eliminate Tooth Abscess

An independent report has also been published by Charles Weber who describes using raw cashew nuts to eliminate tooth abscess. He claims to have used cashew nuts on five occasions to successfully treat an abscessed tooth. He simply made raw nuts the main part of his diet for 24 hours, and he observed positive results on each occasion.

What needs to be considered is that some tooth infections are not caused by Gram negative bacteria. In such case, the cashew nuts would fail and another strategy would be more appropriate.

The benefits of cashew nuts don’t end with infection treatment. They are also being studied in connection to cancer prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers. They are powerful antioxidants and have amazing health benefits, so including them in your weekly diet is definitely a good move..


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