Get Rid of Kidney Stones Naturally By Using These 2 Amazing Drinks

seme za bubrezi

Nature has another surprise for those who struggle with kidney stones. This time it is watermelon and celery
seeds.Watermelon Seeds Tea

This tea is recommended for people with painful kidney stones, and also for those who are prone to this health condition. The tea stimulates the kidneys to function so your body is able to eliminate the stones more easily.


Use a tablespoon of watermelon seeds, and you can either crush them or ground them. Add half a liter of hot and boiled water. Your tea is ready after it cools on a room temperature.

It is recommended to drink fresh tea three times a day, but you can also drink it even more ofte if you find it necessary.

Celery Seeds Tea (Apium graveolens)


Ground or finely chop a tablespoon of fresh celery seeds and add some hot water. Let the tea cool for a while and drink it right away.

Always prepare fresh tea. The tea should be consumed once a day or three times a week. It is not recommended for pregnant women.


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