Why They Didn’t Tell Us? A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy


A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy.

Did you know that baking soda and lemon can be even stronger than chemotherapy? Probably not. The thing is that in plenty of studies this drink has been proven to save lives, but still very small percentage of people knows about its amazing properties. People think that it is impossible for such cheap and accessible food to be that powerful. If you are one of those people you are very wrong.

The combination of these two ingredients makes this drink 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy, the common treatment of cancer patients. In case you are wondering why we are kept in the dark for so long, the truth is that the pharmaceutical industry will lose money if reveals this fact. If the pharmaceutical industry spreads the words about this, it will lose money. It is so simple. The billions of dollars that their budget gets will be past.

The secret of this drink lies in the combination of the ingredients. The lemon contains anti-cancer properties and it also produces alkaline environment in the organism, disabling the tumors and cysts to dwell. The substances that produce acidic environment in the organism actually enable the cysts and tumors to grow by feeding them. Once the flow of acidity in the body stops, the tumor becomes stagnant because it has no food to feed on. The combination of lemon and baking soda produces alkaline environment which makes it very powerful fighter against cancer. It is not recommended to combine this drink with coffee or similar ingredients that create acidic environment because you won`t get the wanted result. This fact was discovered by Otto Heinrich Warburg, a German scientist back in 1923. Even though he received the Nobel Prize for is cure for cancer, many people are still not familiar with this fact.

What was discovered by Dr. Warburg?

According to Dr. Warburg, the cancer is caused by anti-physiological lifestyle. Physical inactivity and anti-phuspt diets (including food that is acidifying) create an acidic environment. The acidity cell displaces the oxygen from the cells and its deficiency in the cells results with creating acidic environment. Dr Warburg explains: “If you have too high acidity, automatically will be missing oxygen in the body; if you lack oxygen, you will have acidified organism. The acidic environment is an environment without oxygen. And if you subtract 35% oxygen, cancer cells can create in just two days. Thus, the cause of cancer today is acidified organism and cells without oxygen.”  In his work “The Metabolism of tumors”, Dr. Warburg explains that all carcinogenic forms have one thing in common- they fulfill two basic conditions, the blood acidity and hypoxia or lack of oxygen. According to his findings, the tumor cells don’t breathe oxygen and they are anaerobic. They simply cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. The only environment which is adequate for them is the environment without oxygen but in the presence of glucose. So, cancer is actually a defense mechanism which our cells use in order to survive in an acidic environment without oxygen. In case you are wondering what affects the occurrence of cancer and the acidification of the body, the answer is very simple: food. It is evident that as years pass by people consume more and more acidifying food and this leads to an increased number of patients suffering from cancer.

Why They Didn’t Tell Us? A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy

What to consume less?

  • Antibiotics and all drugs in general
  • All types of meat and dairy products such as cream, yogurt and cheese
  • Refined sugar and all its derivatives

This is the worst choice. It is very acidic (2.1 pH), it doesn’t contain any vitamins, protein, minerals or fat. It only contains carbohydrates which are harmful for the pancreas.

  • Butter, alcohol, bread, caffeine and any other processed or canned foods.

They are not recommended because they contain stabilizers, artificial flavors and colors and preservatives.

  • Refined salt, refined flour and all its derivatives such as cakes, biscuits and pasta.

What to consume more?

  • Lemon and baking soda
  • Raw vegetables

They may be sour in taste but they change in the body and become alkaline.

  • Fruit
  • Honey ( it has a very high alkalinity)
  • Almonds
  • Water

It is important for the production of oxygen. It is recommended to stay well hydrated and drink small sips of water throughout the day.

The only alkalizing grain is millet and all the others are slightly acidic). All grains should be cooked prior eating.

Exercising maintains the alkalinity in the body because it gives oxygen throughout the day.

The chlorophyll is very alkaline and it can be found in the green plants.

Chemotherapy is death!

Even though medicine has a huge knowledge and materials at its disposal, cancer is still treated with chemotherapy. What chemotherapy does to the body is awful because it actually acidifies it to such lengths that it reaches for the last alkaline reserves in the body in order to neutralize the acidity of potassium, magnesium and calcium. Since these sacrificing minerals are found in the teeth, hair, nails and the bones, during chemotherapy patients experience physical changes. Instead of promoting cell destruction, chemotherapy promotes its spread by acidifying the body so much.

If you are one of the people suffering from cancer, buy baking soda and start alkalizing your body. You can find it in any store; it is very cheap and accessible. Thanks to its alkaline properties it is one of the most effective alternative medications of treating cancer.


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