WHY Is Dangerous To Remove Pubic Hair

Even though today depilated bikini zone has become a matter of hygiene, the American doctor Emily Gibson says that the removal of hair on the groin is actually very dangerous.


Removing pubic hair increases the risk of infections and sexually transmitted diseases among young people, says US doctor Emily Gibson!

It clarifies that surgeons have understood that the removal of hair from the body brings NO benefits. In different situations are removed hairs to prevent infection, but the opposite happened too often.

Skin suffers terrible during the waxing, says the doctor, no matter which way of waxing you’ve choose – they are all harmful.

Particularly are sensitive the genital areas ‘Fresh depilated genital areas are extremely sensitive and often can appear herpes, and other problems.’ Full waxing can damage the skin and lead to problems of internal growth of hair and pus processes. When the waxing is hot can come to burns and physical damage, and even can develop very unpleasant inflammatory processes.

Gibson warns the public that pubic hairs have its goal and have to stay where they belong. It obviously will not happen in this era, at least not in the near future. Besides developed huge industry that earns of waxing, hair removal has become a matter of habit and personal hygiene to today’s women.

Source: http://www.healthyfoodspace.com/

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