Kidney healing herbs that belong to a family called “Umbelliferae Group” refer to the following herbs – cilantro, celery, parsley, carrots, dill, fennel, and cumin. They are referred to as the umbelliferae group because their leafs are organized in umbrella shape clusters. Before they were used as culinary staples, they were used as medicinal herbs. Today they are used in veggie based soups and cleanses.

umbrella herbs

These herbs are known for ridding the body of bloat, excess weight, and built up toxins in the kidneys and liver.

Celery eaten alone (stalks, leafs, and seeds are all edible) is packed in electrolytes, fluid balancing nutrients, and Vitamin C. Carrots are essential for eye and lung health. Cilantro eaten in salads, juiced, or used as a garnish has medicinal properties and is used for balancing blood pressure and evening blood sugar. Parsley eaten alone or as a garnish is best used for cleansing the liver – it also boosts the immune system, prevents and destroys tumors, and neutralizes toxins. Parsley also promotes urination and removes the body of excess mucous (excess weight, bloat, clears sinuses).

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